The Fifth Column of Zion
The Wikipedia has it that the meaning of Fifth Column is: any clandestine group of people which works
covertly inside a nation to undermine its strength (psychological warfare) while the nation is simultaneously
suffering an overt attack by a foreign power or another faction in a civil war.
It is all too obvious that the Masonic Zionists are using their vast intelligence network, that has no national or
religious bounds, to obtain, their "Promiseland".

Read the link below for a full understanding of the ways and means.


What more needs to be said?

The Exorcist? The Possessed?
or just another Fanatical Fundamentalist?

Bush Grabs for "Dictatorship"

Jadakiss: Why did Bush knock down the towers?

Peace Groups Continue
To Miss The Real Issue

by John Kaminski

As I already asked, is he is trying to tell us something?
You can see, his halo has slipped a bit since the last photo op with the presidential seal

Here is the earlier photo op for your reference.

Now here is a man who is likely to start a revolution.
Read his essay:
"Some People Push Back"
On the Justice of Roosting Chickens
By Ward Churchill

Bon Appétit !
Wishful thinking?

Humor anyone?

SICK ! ! ! ! ! if you can't take it don't read this one.
Matter of fact if you own or want to own a bong or pipe,
it is better for my business if you don't read it.

Matthew Sheridan

This 20 year old boy has just been murdered after being arrested for
possession of drug paraphernalia (a pipe).
Matthew was sufficated to death by high tech means using
a Homeland security supplied SURVIVAIR Quick2000 mask.

Rabbi Dov Zakheim
Suspected Mastermind of 9/11

What? Do you mean you don't know this guy?
Why, that is Rabbi Dov Zakheim, the kingpin of the New World Order thugs who have
ALMOST pulled off the greatest heist in history.
The Rabbi has since run for cover claiming exaustion.

NEW NEW News on Rabbi Dov Zakheim found doing a search with TUNA.

Ronald Reagan was a . . . You're not going to like this.
You shouldn't speak ill of the dead.
But in this case, someone's got to.
by Greg Palast

An Abut Ghraib Photo We Didn't See on the Front Page of the NYTs

"The torture trail at Abu Ghraib has to run much further than a group of brutal US military cops,
all of whom claim "intelligence officers" told them to "soften up" their prisoners for questioning.
Were they Israeli? Or South African? Or British? Are we going to let the story go?"

A new MoveOn.Org TV ad is worth a view.

Do you think "He" is trying to tell us something?

"The man has been presenting himself as a messenger from God
with a mission to rule the world
and spread the values he believes in ...
That is why I suggest to have him examined by psychiatrists,
with all due respect, because we respect sick people," Fadlallah said.

Gulag Gate
Military Intel & CIA Ordered
Abuses At Abu Gharib Prison
Aftermath News Service
Special Report By Paul Walker
2 May 2004

Wiping out "terrorisim" in Malaysia and the world.
Read the speech by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, The Hon. Dato Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad
at the opening of the Tenth Session of the Islamic Summit Conference

American delicacies

So you think there's going to be an election in November 2004. Wake-up!
Here is a prediction by K.C.

Bush has lost the trust of all the good people around the world. He either has to be impeached now or he will pull another 911, so he can declare a state of emergency and run the world by use of tyrannical force. There will not be presidential elections this year in the U.S.A. unless the House of Representatives gets the lead out!

With an approval rating like this Bush will never be elected for another term. What is he to do? He does not dare try to fudge the voting machines again so he must declare a State of Emergency. K.C.

Don't you think the six pointed stars look nice
I think it shows us the current state of affairs !

America's Autopsy Report

"Fingers of frost creep across our December windows as we fire up our computers
long before dawn to check the latest atrocity from Washington, the latest affront to the
honesty and dignity of the human race. I imagine that I and my circle of Internet
friends must be somewhat like the French Resistance of its time, spreading the latest
rumors of war and trying to debunk false charges of terror laid at our feet by men who
pretend to be our leaders but who are really the stooges of a foreign power, an alien
menace even, these soulless men who run the banks, keep us in chains and obliterate
our Constitution in the process."

John Kaminsky's site has been forced down !
You can read his latest, 24 Nov. by clicking here.

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Selling your soul

Checking the news yesterday I saw a photo of Bush on his return to the US.
I was shocked to see how much he resembles the Queen.
I went and fetched a photo of the two together the previous day. You can see for yourself.
Well, I never noticed it before.
I do believe the old royal has posessed him, heart and soul!

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He is a plant, ya know.

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Bare your bum at Bush

Don't miss your chance. You CAN make a difference by following the instructions at the above link.

Gun Control
If guns cause crime then pencils cause spelling mistakes
and matches cause arson!

The Enemy Within
Who did the dirty deed and how it was
Here is a complete collection of information and links that detail the assault on America by the Global Engineers. Why, where and how.

The ravings of a mad man or of a man gone mad? Stephen Ames is either still in a Pennsylvania mental hospital or is now dead but I believe his eseys were and are justified. There are many people like Ames who are working to inform the people what is the real situation we are facing in our every day life. Why can't man be left alone to flourish and prosper? Why so much control, so many useless laws and regulations that have little to do with "Mala in se" (real crime like stealing, killing or hurting others) but a lot to do with religious zealots "Mala prohibita" (things which do no harm to others) like same sex partners or smoking the good weed. We see in reading through Ames's writings that we are owned, lock stock and barrel by the corporation. If you can, read these three or four eseys you will never feel the same about your future and that of your kind. 666

Burning Bush

The last time somebody listened to a Bush, folks wandered in the desert for 40 years!

Bush family’s dirty little secret: Presidents' oil companies funded by
Bin Laden family and wealthy Saudis who financed Osama bin Laden